Though born of humble beginnings, the mother of four daughters, Olivia embodied an individualism, dedication to caring for those most in need of support, strength of character and sense of social responsibility. All of which, contributed to her richness of spirit and inspirational example. She continues to be fondly remembered and admired. Her daughters are honored to celebrate her life by the continuation of her authentic commitment to: consideration, compassion, and kindness for others, through this organization and the opportunities it affords.

Ebony embraced the complexity and awe of the human experience. She often served as a resource of comfort to others in times of both joy and pain. Her love for people was only matched by her affinity for creativity, celebrating others, seeing the beauty in life, and a love of education. Ebony overcame her own personal losses early in life and became valedictorian of her middle school and graduated with honors from high school. Despite being an accomplished writer, extremely intelligent and possessing a myriad of skills, one of her greatest regrets was not completing collegiate level education. A wish was for her son to have an environment where an appreciation for learning would be cultivated, from kindergarten to doctorate level, if he chose. Her memory is honored daily, as well as through this organization. Ebony's noted commitment to uplifting and including others, regardless of situation or circumstance impacted those at her place of employment and others around her in a manner that will never be fully measured.